About Us

Understanding COLORTECH


Colortech Chemical LTD is a professional manufacturer of dyes for Leather, Aluminum and Dichroic. Having our head office in Taiwan and established our factories with ISO 9001 in Hebei, China, since 1996. We successfully develop our sale network in local China as well as the worldwide market. 

With the spirit of pragmatism, innovation and customer achievement, we continue to invest in product development and improvement, and according to the customers’ requirement in leather applications, we develop more new dyes to meet customer needs.

In order to comply with our customers' environmental protection policies, we strictly control the raw materials and production processes, and all dyes must meet with internationally recognized test values (Azo, Chlorophenols, Total Heavy Metal, Nonlyphenol(NP), Octylphenol(OP), Octylphenol ethoxylates(OPEO), Nonylphenol ethoxylates(NPEO).